Miss Our Face?

hello all, Well, I woke up this morning and realized it was one year ago today that our record “miss your face” was released. Its amazing how many things happen in one year so I thought it was about time for me to recap the great times and preview those ahead.. For starters, we wanna […]

As the World Turns…UPWARD and ONWARD

To all of our friends, It is truly impossible to find words with weight enough to convey the joy that is being The Transit War. Namely, the joy that comes from a life long commitment to the creative journey. Music, like so many other art forms, is about loving the process, and movement, and change. […]

Punknews.org review on Miss Your Face

“If you want to talk ambition, you might want to look towards the Transit War. If Miss Your Face, the band’s debut full-length out on Orange Peal Records doesn’t make them as big a band as Brand New and/or Jimmy Eat World — well, there just ain’t no justice in the world. Miss Your Face […]

An interview with The Transit War’s Brad Bohensky

Check out this little run down of The Transit War, beginning to end according to Brad Bohensky: “When we played our last show two years ago we didn’t realize it was our last show when we were playing. Just put it that way.” “…Jaime said he was woken up by a boot right there on […]

New Students Demo – Curfew

[soundcloud id=’40315491′ color=’#00bfff’] …students is a new project by The Transit War’s Mike Frey (Vocals/Bass)

Ah Discordia

Ah Discordia – EP We’re Sleeping Better Now Beakers & Bunsen Burners A Brighter Green Mayday Discordia Kerosene Wild Nights & The Aftermath Hey, Get A Load Of That Stained Glass Window

Miss Your Face

Miss Your Face – Full Length Radar Nitetime Enemy Loud Chutes And Lasers The Only Evidence Lupus Sheep In Your Head Desiree, Safe! Hey! Is For Horses Operator Safety In The Air

Ah Discordia Re-Release

Long time, no see.. We have been very busy getting things ready for the re-release of our newly ENHANCED iAh Discordia! album on Orange Peal Records. We are all very excited about it. We are almost ready to start some pre-production for our next album. We have 3 shows this month in Southern California. One […]

Thanks San Francisco

Hello Friends! First of all we want to thank everyone who came to support us at the show Saturday. We had an amazing time and hope you did as well. Our show in San Francisco was a lot of fun and we are now passing through the snowy Rockys towards Colorado! Keep an eye on […]