Miss Our Face?

hello all,

Well, I woke up this morning and realized it was one year ago today that our record “miss your face” was released. Its amazing how many things happen in one year so I thought it was about time for me to recap the great times and preview those ahead.. For starters, we wanna say congrats to Jaime/Courtney on both their upcoming marriage and their first child due in February. It scared the shit of me to think of any of us as dads, but I think Jaime is gonna be a great one and we’re very excited for him. With that in mind we are taking some time to take care of our personal lives a bit. For those of you whose couches and floors we’ve slept on over the past year, you know how rich we are…so back to the grind for the holidays. This past year has taken us through the country 3 times with countless great bands and even better new friends. Although we haven’t sold a million records yet, I hope a hint of the honesty and passion in our band caught the ear of a few people.

In the months ahead we will be posting some new pics and videos from the past year so check them out laugh at how much we’ve changed. Also make sure to stop by evodeeyewear.com and check in on the new merch from brad’s company. Tj’s band Buckfast Superbee will be releasing their new record late this year which will be amazing. Jim has been doing great going back to college and working on a degree in music. I myself will be recording an EP in the winter so look for it if your interested.

We are excited about hitting the road hard in the spring and having a new found appreciation for what a huge part music is in our lives. I love this band and I love these guys like brothers. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to check us out. Till next time…safe days and pleasant nights.


p.s. Sorry for any typos or spelling…English is overrated.