Update 1/31/07

Hello friends!!

First off, happy New Year, Kwanzaa, Groundhog Day, and every other holiday we missed in the past few weeks. We hope you had a wonderful 06′ and an even better year to come. The last month has been one of relaxation with family and catching up with friends. After spending most of the year on the road, it was very nice to stretch out in our own beds for a moment. (None of us actually own a bed but…). We’ve posted some of the dates for our upcoming tour with Sound the Alarm and Until June that will run through March. There are still several shows to be added, so if you don’t see your towns on the list… check back in the next few days. We are going to try to make this tour interactive by posting some video clips and keeping a tour journal as frequently as possible. We are not very entertaining but this way you can watch us drive through the Rockies in February, with a van and trailer. In case we don’t say it enough, thanks to everyone who takes the time to support our little band. It really does mean so much to us!

Take care.