Tour Life

Lightning… Tornados… 200 fresh baked cookies… Just another day on tour for The Transit War. After numerous weather alerts and an impromptu cancer benefit show we have been enjoying the beautiful overcast skies of Nebraska with our friends. All of the shows thus far have been amazing and I think it’s safe to say we are getting our road legs back (ooops! San Antonio). We had a peaceful little Easter here in Omaha but I think a little honey ham would have made it that much better. We are very excited for the upcoming shows and towns that weve never been to. Shea can’t wait to go to the Mall of America in MN. He says it’s the Mecca of malls. We will be adding a lot of dates here in the upcoming week so make sure to check out when we’ll be in your town. Everyones having fun and staying healthy so life couldn’t be better. Make sure to check out some of the bands we on tour with because they are great musicians and handsome young men. One last thingin the most modest way possible I must say that our new record is amazing! We are so proud of these songs that we cant wait to share them with everyone in the upcoming months. Keep checking in and you’ll know more about when you can get down with the sound.

Mike | ttw