Tour Date Update

Hello hello! Just thought we’d do a little website updating here from East Stroudsburg,PA. Let’s see…something news-worthy…we’re actually getting ready to wrap-up this tour and start making our way back home to San Diego, but first, we’re heading back to some of our new favorite places. We’ve got shows in Charleroi, PA…Lawerance, KS…Kearney, NE…Denver, CO…Pheonix, AZ coming up so check our tour dates online ’cause if you’re from there we’d love to see your face…see, you can’t get rid of us! Also, once we make it back home we’ve got a great show to play at the Casbah on June the 9th. We’re playing with Sloppy Meaters, Parkside View, and The Perils of Being…show starts at 9:00 and it’s $8 at the door. So leave that night open and come do some singing and drinking with us ’cause after that, we turn right around and leave again for another month and a half! Ahhh! Riding in cars with boys…riding too long in cars with boys… For this next venture The Transit War is preparing to go international!! Actually it’s just Canada but it sounds much cooler to say INTERNATIONAL!! We leave on the 11th of June and head up the west coast, then cross into Canada and play our way east for three weeks, then back into New York and more shows here in the states. So as always, we’ll have lots of picture updates and do our best to keep ya’ll (they say that in parts of the country we’ve learned) informed about anyhting that is Transit War. Here’s something kind of exciting too. We’ve shot a video for Yahoo Music and that should be online very soon. With the help of Daniel and everyone at Edge-Wise Productions and our good friend Roland from Larger Than Life, we’ve got something that we’re very happy with and we hope is entertaining…at the least you’ll be able to laugh at us and then ridicule us in some sort of public forum…but either way, we’re proud of the video and we had a great time making it. We did the video for Kerosene, a track off of our Ah Discordia! release and again, it should be up on soon and also on our own website/MySpace etc. so keep your eyes peeled. Let’s see, is this long enough yet? I think so so we’ll wrap it up here. To all of our new friends across the country, thank you so much for making our travels amazing and for enlisting in The Transit War army! Music is about creating community so we’re very grateful for being welcomed into yours and we’ll be back very soon, say thankee. To our friends at home, we can’t wait to see you so be there on the 9th if you can! As always, we say thankee big big and Long Days and Pleasant Nights, The Transit War.