If you see us, bring an extra jacket!

Well The Transit War has officially been struck by winter… several times! As we speak we’re sitting in a pizza/deli joint in Cleveland, Ohio watching the snow come pouring down, trying our best to NOT act like we’re from southern California and freezing to death.

I apologize for our lack of updates or “Blogs” as I’ve been told to call them, but we here in The Transit War camp are so easily distracted by the flashing lights and beeping sounds of modern technology, it’s just taken us a bit of time to get a handle on it. So let me see if I can’t bring you up to speed on the tour thus far.

Wet, good shows, two birthdays, cold, bad shows, old friends, subway…again, two sets of gloves, quality karaoke(spelled right?), new cases!, new friends, team Transit War going down in flames in bowling tournament, “Kittie Played Here!”, food fights, Gorman, rock neck, colder, drink tickets, jam session with Until June, AIRborne, too many stairs, SNOW SNOW SNOW, getting to the club alive… in a nutshell folks.

So I promise we’ll do a much better job of blogging(word??), but as always, drop us a line over this information super highway thing and we’ll give you all the gossip you could ever want from our travels. Some good things are on the horizon so keep your eyes peeled friends, your love and support means the world to us.


Brad, Jim, Mike, Jaime