Hello From New York City

Well hello from New York City! It’s been a while since an update so we thought we’d try and catch you up on some new Transit War happenings. We completed our little run on The Vans Warped Tour and it was a total success. So much in fact that we’re officially on our second pressing of our record, Ah Discordia! which is a good thing right? Right! We also made some great new friends and met some brilliant bands so we’ve definitely got some entertaining stories for anyone that’s curious. Anyway, we were able to spend about one day at home before we turned around and left for tour once again with Sloppy Meateaters, which is why we’re writing you from NYC. On a side note, we’ve set a new Transit War record for hours in a van when we completed our 51hr drive non-stop from San Diego to New York (through that hurricane in the midwest no less!) but the shows we’ve played so far have been totally worth the trip and all the rest of our new tour dates will by on the site soon as well as our MySpace page. Also, we apologize for not having more pictures being posted online but Brad’s camera broke (sadness) so instead we’re working on posting more video clip updates so keep checking back! Lastly, we’re now rolling as a six piece since our good friends Travis White (the man responsible for all our artwork) and Shea Small are with us for the rest of the journey so we’re set for total domination of this country for the rest of the summer and that’s enough to keep us smiling…until we see you, Long Days and Pleasant Nights to Ya’! .