Hello From Austin, TX

Well hello ya’ll from Austin Texas (apparently ya’ll is the customary slang here in these parts for ‘you all’) we’ve had a wacky last couple of days playing in Amarillo then Witchita Falls only to end up at Jaime’s uncle’s home in Austin. First off, we have to thank Jeff from The Pod and all our new friends in Amarillo…man you kids are crazy, we wish we could’ve stayed the night ’cause everyone was definitly “gettin’ nice my friend!”. But we made the trek to Witchita Falls and had probably one of the best nights on tour yet! Thank you Jin Ju for all your help making the show happen and to our new friend Tim who did a fantastic job of keeping the bar and us stocked at the VFW! We should have some new pics up on our MySpace page soon as well as this site (I swear!) so you can laugh at our mountain climbing adventures as well as some other real pertenant images. Anyway, we’ve got two shows here in Austin and about another week in Texas before we head to Arkansas, so if we come up missing, it probably means Texas ate us. Oh yes…we’ll be spending Cico de Mayo here on 6th street in Austin drinking for ya’ll, so be sure to have some drinks yourselves! Long Days and Pleasant Nights, and listen for the song of the turtle. Love…The Transit War