An Update of Sorts

So we’ve been in San Diego taking a much needed rest. We had a chance to record a new song for the Punk the Clock compilation. It is indeed an interesting song as it has a new spin on a familiar vibe. The song seems like it fits somewhere between Ah Discordia! and Miss Your Face perfectly but still seems like a positive forward moving progression. We’re looking to get back on road in the late summer/early fall and are working things out to finally make it over the pond to the UK and Europe. Bring The Transit War to an international front…wierd. While we’re hanging out in San Diego we hope to maybe write some new stuff. Brad will be working hard on the EVODE EYEWEAR front. Which by the way…Its summer time, now is the time to buy some shades head over to:

We plan on hitting you town around then. In the meantime…Tell EVERYONE you know about us so that when we roll back through, warm nights will be made.