91X Radio Appearance

Happy April friends, hope everyone got to fool around on the first! And now news from The Transit War…we just found out that our SOMA show on the 23rd. with Larger Than Life, and Reeve Oliver is now a 91X show. Apparently they will be bringing all of the bands on the bill in to do Brand X Morning Radio with Chris Cantore during the next couple of weeks so be listening in the morning,(91X is giving away several sets of tickets for the show as well) if you can and we’ll let you know the date when we’re in the studio. Also, we’ve started shooting footage with Edge-Wise Productions for a video for Kerosene, so hopefully we’ll have that finished and online soon. Oh yes…The Transit War is listed on the Ernie Ball website, and if you felt so inspired, you could give us a listen and keep us in a contest for some Warped Tour dates and other exciting things. Give us a hand by heading here to listen. In closing, it appears we owe everyone an apology as well…so here goes ‘Whew!’… I guess we’ve led you astray, and convinced you there might be something worthwhile in our music folks (sorry!), here’s a very different opinion brought to you by City Beat and SLAMM Magazine that’s pretty entertaining, check it out here — just scroll down to the “T’s.” So again, we’re very sorry…please forgive us…please…please? But since we’re total press whores anyway, it’s always cool to just see your name right?! Thats the impotant part! We’ll talk to you soon and hopefully see alot you on the 23rd. so until then, listen for the song of the turtle, and remember, all things serve the beam and we love you.

Long days and pleasant nights, yours truly,

The Transit War